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Haulage & Warehousing Annual Accounts

If you are a director of a limited company in the Haulage and Warehousing industry, you must submit your company annual accounts within nine months of the end of your financial year. It is important that these annual accounts are done correctly and there are no mistakes when submitting them to HMRC.

Your company can be fined by the government for filing misinformation on your accounts and missing any deadlines set.

This process is complex and therefore it is recommended that it is handled by somebody with professional expertise. At Excel Accountancy we offer both industry expertise and professional systems to ease the process and reduce the hassle for the client.

VAT Returns

VAT Returns are presented to HMRC every accounting period, which is every three months. VAT Returns are a calculation of sales and purchase taxes which indicate the amount of VAT that can be reclaimed or paid. You will need your VAT returns in order to be able to claim a VAT refund from HMRC. 

If your company Is VAT registered, it is required by law that VAT returns are given to HMRC regardless of whether there is any VAT to pay or not. There are strict penalties that arise from failure to complete VAT Returns or from errors in the submission. With our expertise, you can stay ahead of the game.

Employee Payroll

It is inefficient to spend time on tedious administrative duties instead of focusing on growing your company successfully. We understand better than anyone that one of the key elements to employee satisfaction is for everyone to be paid swiftly on time and that any delays in payment can result in issues for both employees and the employer.

Whether you are a small or large business, it is highly recommended that you outsource payroll to an accountancy practice that has access to the appropriate up-to-date software, ensuring accuracy in payroll.

Our expert team has the experience and knowledge needed to help you gather your employee’s sensitive information and accurately calculate their payslips.  

Therefore, having your employee payroll in place with complete accuracy from an accountancy practice such as Excel Accountancy is important as it requires a lot of record-keeping that is crucial for both the employee and employer.

Company Tax Returns

Every company is legally obliged to file and pay a Company Tax Return. Company Tax Returns are tax assessments levied on the profits made by your company. Company Tax Returns are calculated by examining net profits and paying the taxes due over to HMRC. Company Tax Returns are paid as a corporate entity. 

Here at Excel Accountancy, we will handle everything from the filing and calculating payments to engaging with HMRC, allowing you to focus on your business. We use different types of methods to find the best route for your company.

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